This girl can jump! - Adrienn Banhegyi

You think skipping rope is a kids game? After reading our short interview with Adrienn Banhegyi you will change your mind.

Adrienn is a skipping rope world champion, she holds 2 world records and is also cast in "Cirque du Soleil".

A unique girl with unique skills.

: Tell us about yourself - where do you come from, how did you start with jumping rope.

Adrienn: I come from Hungary. My dad saw a movie with girls doing double Dutch in it and he thought it would be a great sport to start with his students at the school. My parents are both teachers for children with special needs, and they thought jump rope would be a great sport for the kids at their school to improve their condition, coordination and concentration as well. My sister and I, joined the group and slowly developed couple of our own jump rope tricks.


WB: Can you tell us more about the story of this sport ? 

Adrienn: Jump rope is still relatively a young sport, on its own. However it has been practiced over centuries, in many different countries around the world. The modern version of jump rope originates from the United States, and in the last 25 years there has been world and European championships in different disciplines.

WB: When did you realise that you can make a living by jumping rope?

Adrienn: Jump rope is one of those sports that can be very spectacular as a stage performance. Already during high school we had a few paid performances, I always wanted to do it professionally but it is not a traditional sport so it was very hard to make a living by winning competitions.

Probably the first time when I realized it could be possible to be a professional jump roper was when I got a contract from Cirque du Soleil. And from that moment, I started to work on more promotional materials, as I felt it is something that still has not been explored completely and people would love to see more.


WB: If you didn't compete in jumping rope what would you be doing ?

Adrienn: Probably I would still be doing sports. I used to play handball professionally, but at one point I had to decide between jump rope and handball. My dad would have loved us to play traditional sports on professional level, and use jump rope as a good base for other sports. At the end, it stayed and the other sports fell out.

Otherwise I am English and physical education teacher, and for a little while I was teaching too, but jump rope gave me a once in a lifetime possibility for which I was ready to take a risk and quit my regular job.

WB: Which is your favourite jumping rope trick?

Adrienn: I love releases - releasing one of the handles and catching it again.

refuse to be ordinary

WB: What does it feel like to be part of Cirque de Soleil ?

Adrienn: I think cirque is still one of the top companies to work for, it has given me not only a great experience but also an amazing education about how to perform and how to be free on stage. Really amazing to be part of their cast over the last years.


WB: What is the craziest thing you have ever done ?

Adrienn: Not really an extreme person but probably craziest in a good way, as an experience the carnival in Rio with my sister, performing for one of the samba schools - great moments and felt crazy to jump through the several hundred meter long Sambadrome.


WB: If you were a wild-berry which one you would be and why ?

Adrienn: Black current - not super wild - I love the taste - strong, healthy and fresh. 

WB: Who is your super hero ?

Adrienn: Probably, at the very moment, after being part of Invictus Games, one my newly discovered hero is Anthony McDaniel. Amazing determination.

Text: Deana Velkova

Images: personal archive

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