Cooler представя Wild Berries

Едно от най-известните женски списания в Европа за екстремни спортове ни представя в своя сайт!

Благодарни сме, че вече официално има tag BULGARIA в сайта им и ние имаме удоволствието да сме първите, които стоят зад него!!!

Cooler e част от една от най-големите в света групи за "action" спортове MPORA!!!

Вижте нашата история и какво казват момичетата, които имаха желание да се присъединят към Crew-то!

Sunny: “I first had the idea of creating a website where the ladies could find information about and for extreme sports: innovations, events and everything else they would need to start or join “the extreme part” of the sports.” Reflecting this spirit, they were looking for a name to “describe this tender part of the ‘men’s sports’ only in few words” and came up with the WILD BERRIES, who are, “like all the good things in life: wild and free”.

Mina: “One of the main reasons I love to ride with girls is because with my girl buddies we share almost the same snowboard tricks level, thus we can be competitive and therefore learn tricks together,”

Blagovesta: “I’m so happy that I found these girls to ride and have fun with. They inspire me very much! If I hadn’t met them I would never have had the chance to experience everything I have this winter. And of course the best thing of all is that we become way more than just ‘winter friends’.”

Fatima: “It is just pure fun! Seriously, it is always hilarious to be together. The formula is: snow/sand + much fun and smiles = it just makes everything’s nice!”

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